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Runs from Tuesday May 18 2021 to Saturday May 22 2021

Approximate running time: 1 hour and 30 minutes


DTC General Seating Outdoor
200 Water Street
Wilmington DE 19801

Event Notes

× We know Harry Hamlin as a storied American actor; we don’t know he started a fusion energy company that is on the verge of producing unlimited, safe, clean electricity.

Front & Center and TAKE 2! have given us the unique ability to take live entertainment outdoors in an open, socially-distanced atmosphere. The show takes place on the front steps of our building, and the parking lot is transformed into your viewing area with individual 2-seat and 4-seat boxes spaced out for your comfort and safety. These are all GENERAL SEATING events, so this map image is designed for the sole purpose of reserving tickets only. It does not reflect the actual spacing and positions of where the boxes will be located for your performance.

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